Work Series (Doing Work, Texas Series, and others)

Stop Cheap Labor

acrylic and ballpoint pen on STOP sign, 30 in x 30 in, 2021


graphite, gold flakes, gold paint, acrylic, wood panel, 33 in x 33 in, 2021

Laying Down That Asphalt

acrylic and archival ballpoint pen on construction reflective tape, 4 in x 8 in, 2018

Doing Work Series

Street Scenes, Back to Back

acrylic, house paint, graphite, archival ballpoint pen, reflective tape, concrete, 15 in x 19 in x 4 in, 2017

Doing Work Series

Another Rooftop Job

acrylic, house paint, archival ballpoint pen, inkjet photo, graphite, concrete, 11.5 in x 16 in x 2 in, 2017

Another Day, Another Wall Built

acrylic, graphite, Chinese marker, concrete, 11 in x 9.5 in x 2 in, 2016

Texas Series


acrylic and graphite on printmaking paper, 32 in x 39 in, 2016

Texas Series

(left) Hilltops and Rooftops, Just Give Me a Ladder

graphite, ballpoint pen, and reflective construction tape on printmaking paper, 32 in x 20 in, 2016

(right) Building Infrastructure

graphite, acrylic, ballpoint pen, and reflective tape, printmaking paper, 32 in x 20 in, 2016

Over Worked - Under Paid

acrylic on masonite board, 24 in x 36 in, 2015

So Many Flavors

ballpoint pen, cut mylar, and digital photograph on paper, 12 in x 16 in, 2014,

part of University Health art collection

The Golden Age of Construction

acrylic medium and gold pigment on plexi-glass, 45.5 in x 48 in, 2013

A Break From the Heat

acrylic, spray paint, ball point pen and marker on wood, 24 in x 96 in, 2012, private collection

El Trabajador

acrylic, ballpoint pen, stickers, paper, canvas, 36 in x 24 in, 2010

part of Artes de la Rosa art collection

More Work Ahead

ballpoint pen, acrylic, spray paint, marker, paper on masonite, 18 in x 36 in, 2010

Hope Still Ahead

acrylic, ballpoint pen, marker, photographs and staples, 30 in x 30 in, 2010

I Wonder Who They'll Put on the Front Page of the Paper

acrylic and marker on canvas, 36 in x 60 in, 2008

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